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“Ecomebel” – the sound of your home comfort
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      Welcome to the word of the upholstered and modular furniture. Ekomebel will offer you multifunctionality, nonstandard, and avangard design. Add the reasonable prices of our furniture and every customer’s dreams will come true. As manufacturer of upholstered and modular furniture, we offer full equipment for the home, office, hotel, administrative and public building. We have ISO 9001-2000 certificate.
     Our company was found in 1936 and has 42 decare working space occupied by our manufacturing capacities. The factory offers our production in 4 company stores and through our distributors network in entire territory of Bulgaria. Ecomebel also exports the manufacture in Greece, Croatia, Israel, and Cyprus. The many awards from international fairs and exhibitions are evidence for the high professionalism and quality of the products.

     As a leader on the Bulgarian furnishing market, offering a tremendous variety of furniture, we will be pleased to provide detailed information about our products via phone, fax, e-mail or in person.

     Ecomebel is constantly improving the necessary and production equipment. An ambitious plan for re-equipment and machines renewal is at place. Our current equipment allows the performance of the most complicated furniture manufacturing operations.

     Our expert team expects you to make your dreams come true!

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About us